LICA Offers Retainer Contracts

As teams across the region get set for the annual regional cricket tournament commencing in late January, the newly elected Leeward Islands Cricket Association has released a list of players who have been proposed for retainer contracts.

According to an email release from Secretary of the Association, Robert Jeffers, the following 15 players have been recommended for retainer contracts:

  1. Kieran Powell
  2. Devon Thomas
  3. Jamaal Hamilton
  4. Quinton Boatswain
  5. Haden Walsh JR
  6. Rakeem Cornwall
  7. Orlando Peters
  8. Akeem Saunders
  9. Jaques Taylor
  10. Moncin Hodge
  11. Kelbert Walters
  12. Yannick Leonard
  13. Sherwin Peters
  14. Alzare Joseph
  15. Jason Peters
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