Lighting of Queen Victoria Monument Memorial

(ZIZ News) – The Queen Victoria Monument in Basseterre is now bursting with life as two individuals have stepped forward to beautify the historic structure, in time for Christmas.

The men, Winford Thomas and Joseph Hanley, erected Christmas lights and other decorations at the monument.

Speaking on Wednesday evening, Thomas said, “I’ve been doing this now for 15 years and I’m still proud of doing it and I still intend to do more, as long as I live. Look out for in the square, we’re going to put some stuff in the square; it might now be as good as this one but it’s just the beginning.”

Hanley added, “I love doing this job, it’s a wonderful job and the beauty of it is when people comes from overseas and come to take pictures, or when they come from the airport they could see what we have here in our beautiful country.”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Culture, Christopher Herbert described the work of both men as a “selfless gesture” and said it demonstrates the positive attributes that still resides in our society.

He said, “These gentlemen dipped their hands in their pockets year after year and demonstrate the true spirit of Christmas. Their sacrifice, their selflessness, their altruism truly demonstrates the type of fabric that we are hoping this year’s Carnival and Christmas activities will seek to knit and culture.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture, the Hon. Shawn Richards was given the honour of officially turning on the lights for the first time. He used the occasion to commend Hanley and Thomas for reminding everyone of the true meaning of Christmas.

“There are some persons who may not have the opportunity to have their own Christmas lights at their homes, be it inside or outside. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy such in public facilities such as right here at Baker’s Corner where you have this beautiful lighting set up. So gentlemen, indeed you are helping to spread that joy of Christmas,” Minister Richards noted.

In addition to lighting the monument, both Hanley and Thomas have made several donations of shoes to the less fortunate in St. Kitts.

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