List Of Persons Receiving Multiple Payments From PAP, STEP And Stimulus Package To Be Downsized

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 14th , 2020 (ZIZ News):

By: Chaïra Flanders

Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris says persons who have been unfairly applying for and possibly receiving payments while working on the Skills Training Empowerment Programme, and receiving payments from the Poverty Alleviation Program as well as the COVID-19 Stimulus package will be thoroughly investigated in aims to ensure that the most needy are receiving the assistance.

Prime Minister Harris was at the time responding to the concerns of a caller on the October 13 edition of Leadership Matters on ZIZ.

During the call, the concerned citizen hinted that there were persons currently taking advantage of the three social safety net programs and requested that due diligence is taken to resolve the issue.

Dr. Harris revealed that the government is aware and is in the process of downsizing the list of persons receiving multiple payments.

 “This is something that we are paying attention to and we began the process of rationalizing, of re-examining the list of beneficiaries on the PAP, on the STEP and the Stimulus package to see where there is any element of someone benefitting in circumstances where they ought not to and we will correct any matter that requires correcting. The idea is to ensure that the largest number of persons would benefit from these programs”, the Prime Minister stated.

He reminded listeners that those persons earning an income of over 3 thousand dollars do not qualify and should not be receiving payments under the Poverty Alleviation Program.

 “If your income is under $3000.00 per month which is what we established as the threshold for the PAP, you can benefit under the PAP once you meet the criteria. Certainly if the STEP and the other things that you’re getting, income flows over the $3000.00 then you should not be on that program”, Dr. Harris explained.

He said a special unit has been tasked with the responsibility to make the necessary inquiries and conduct investigations to track multiple payments.

 “The unit that deals with this matter, the statisticians etc are doing the necessary inquiries. They are liaising with other government departments and in due time we will have those lists appropriately downsized to reflect the fairness and that the most needy are the ones benefitting”, he said.

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