Local Basketball League for 2015 Underway

Sports Page — A brief but impressive ceremony at the Grell Hull Stevens Netball Complex on the evening of Sunday 3rd May, effectively signaled the start of the 2015 (NABA), Nevis Amateur Basketball Association league.

President of the Association, Miss Wanda Parry performed the invocation and delivered the opening remarks.

The feature address was delivered by Ag Director of Sports, Mr. Jamir Claxton who noted the improvement in the skill levels of the local players over the last five years.

He paid special tribute to the President and her Association, for keeping the sport alive. He later officially declared the league open.

There was an inspection of the teams and Miss Veronica Brandy, Vice President of the Association, gave the vote of thanks.

Immediately following the opening ceremony, two matches were played:

Dynasty Ballers just edged out Central Stars and students by a margin of 54 to 50 points and in game two, Brantley Church Grounds Massives defeated Nevlec High Voltage: 71 to 60

Game one: Sports Department Central Starz & Students 50 to Dynamics Sports Club Dynasty Ballers 54

First Quarter Dynasty Ballers 13 to Central Starz 11
Second Quarter Dynasty Ballers 17 to Central Starz 16
Third Quarter Dynasty Ballers 14 to Central Starz 13
Fourth Quarter Central Starz 10 to Dynasty ballers 10

Dynamics Sports Club Dynasty Ballers 54 points

Dio Hendrickson 15poi 13reb 1ass 2ste 7 of 13 free throw made
Trevin Nisbett 15poi 4reb 2ass 4ste 6 of 9 free throw made
Eutroy Liburd 8poi 9reb 2ste 0 of 1 free throw

Youth and Sports Central Starz and Students 50points

Gassano Barry 12poi 29reb 1ass 3ste 1b/s 0 of 5 free throw
Ronel Archibald 6poi 24reb 4ass 7ste
Kadel Hodge 11poi 5reb 1ass 5ste 1b/s 0 of 2 free throw made

Game 2 Mark Brantley C G Massive 71 to Nevlec High Voltage 60

First Quarter Massive 15 to Voltage 13
Second Quarter massive 22 to Voltage 21
Third Quarter Massive 22 to Voltage 7
Fourth Quarter Voltage 19 to Massive 12

Mark Brantley C G Massive 71 points

Cheslyn Hutton 22poi 11reb 7ass 4ste 2 of 4 free throw made
Kirthni Esdaille 25poi 8reb 1ste 1b/s 5 of 8 free throw made
Allister Usher 14poi 8reb 4ass 2 of 4 free throw made

Nevlec High Voltage 60 points

Robert Morton 14poi 5reb 2ass 3ste 3b/s 3 of 4 free throw made
Curtis Morton 9poi 10reb 2ass 2ste 3 of 4 free throw made
T Leader 13poi 2reb 2ass 1ste

Next Game Tuesday May 05th 7:00pm C G Rebels vs Yuko Construction Bronx Crisis.

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