Local Businesses benefitting from Election Season

AVISCarRental-1(ZIZ News) — Like the St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival, Culturama and the annual St. Kitts Music Festival, elections in the country means more money in the pockets of local business owners.

With just one day remaining before voters elect a new federal government to serve for the next five years, rental companies are all claiming to be completely booked out.

A short drive throughout the streets of Basseterre or Charlestown would see several vehicles owned by major rental companies such as TDC, Avis and Hertz or smaller companies like Noel’s Courtesy Garage, Bullseye Auto, and Courtesy Car Rental lining the streets.

When asked when rental cars will become available, many sales clerks respond “not before Tuesday”.

Local hotels and guest houses are also benefitting from the election season as some returning nationals, who would rather not stay with families, are temporarily settled in the quaint spots.

Many of the returning nationals will return to their places of residence on Tuesday, following the announcement of the country’s next government.

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