Local Movie Debuts on American Television

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 15, 2022 (ZIZ) — The first locally produced film featuring an all-local crew and cast, “A Rose Between Thorns” has been gaining exposure and receiving awards since its debut in October 2020.

The film has now accomplished another achievement with its debut on American Cable Television on March 15th.

Director of the locally filmed movie Nigel “TruCapo” Lewis spoke with ZIZ about the film’s most recent debut.



He said he is pleased to see how far the film has gotten but he’s disappointed that it will not be available for viewing on television in the federation as yet.



Lewis said the deal with X-finity Black is an exclusive 6-month deal. Following that 6 month period, A Rose between Thorns will be aired on other networks.

A Rose Between Thorns made its film debut in October 2020 and has been shown at festivals including the American Black Film festival, Austrian Film Festival, and Hague Film Festival in the Netherlands.

The film has won awards in Hague and Austria and Lewis Has won a Best Director Award at a film Festival in New York. 

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