Local Pharmacist earns award for excellence

Pharmacist Ivor Carr receives the award for Outstanding Performance in Clinical Clerkship/Externship. Photo courtesy Ivor Carr.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 05, 2011: Ivor Carr, a national of St. Kitts and Nevis, has been recognized for his hard work and commitment during studies abroad, receiving an award from the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) for Outstanding Performance in Clinical Clerkship/Externship.

The award was earned during the final six month practical segment of his four-year study in the successful pursuit of a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree. The components of the practical were divided between clinical, community and hospital pharmacy.

“It came as a total surprise. I wasn’t really expecting this because I’m the type of person that just does what I have to do,” Mr. Carr said, noting that he wasn’t aware such an award existed. “I entered the field of Pharmacy because I enjoy it and getting an award did create some excitement.”

His parents, Hudson and Isabelle Pompey-Carr are reportedly quite proud. Mrs. Carr particularly as she herself was recognized by the Caribbean Association of Pharmacist in 2007 with an award for Community Pharmacist of the Year. She now welcomes her son’s expertise at her side in business.

“Essentially I just want persons to realize that we are very passionate about what we do at Pharmcarre Pharmacy,” Mr. Carr stressed, adding that his mother is also a Certified Registered Pharmacist. “At Pharmcarre the pricing is competitive, but the thing that most sets us apart from other pharmacies is the professional counseling we offer to our ‘patients'” – the term he uses to describe clients.

The professional staff, quality service and personal touch have made a difference with the public and the awards are a testament to the commitment the Carrs give to their profession.

Ivor explained that he was honored to further the reputation of students and professionals from St. Kitts and Nevis who are renowned for excellence in various endeavours in the international arena. The distinction is also being translated to the home front.

“We are trying to change the status quo of a pharmacist who is just someone who can read a prescription. The pharmacist is an integral part of a healthcare team and we aim to bridge that gap and fulfill the definition of a traditional pharmacist,” Mr. Carr concluded.

The young man will look to continue his training as he has already been accepted at UTech to pursue a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) in the same field.

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