Local Students to Undergo Analytical Training

(ZIZ News) – Two students from the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and two from the Nevis Sixth Form will be given the opportunity to acquire research training at the University of Virginia this summer.

Associate Professor at the University of Virginia Dr Jeanita Richardson, who is overseeing diabetes research, said training the students may lead to a career in research analysis.

“I also then incorporated some local students into the research team who are being paid and faculty members, one from CFBC and one from Nevis Sixth Form, that will be going back to the States with us for a week of intense analytical training. The whole point of having your faculty members and your students are that they are being trained in these research skills that they are then able to bring home and share not only in their classes but hopefully as a career path here,” she stated.

According to Dr. Richardson, the goal is to build research capabilities in the federation.

She said, “One of the things that your Chief Medical Officer and I have talked about a great deal is building local research capacity. My goal is to work myself out of a job here. So that you have here in the federation your own research scientists who can evaluate develop, implement and analyse your data so that you set the agenda for what happens here in the federation and you don’t need people like me.”

The Summer 2015 Public Health Research Project funded by the National Institute of Health is being led by Dr. Jeanita Richardson, through a partnership between the University of Virginia and the Ministry of Health.

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