Local Youth launches New Book

(ZIZ News) — A young poet, Sanjay Caines, has taken the bold step of putting his thoughts into words and those words into his new book titled, “Life Questions”.

A book launching ceremony was held on Saturday at the St. Kitts Marriott Resort under the theme, “All Things Work Together to Fulfil Our Destiny”.

In giving an overview of his new book, Caines said it is intended to help guide readers on the path to answering some of life’s most troubling questions.

“It goes back from since I was a child and maybe it embodies some of the very same questions I asked; which church should I attend? Is there a good? I mean, it may sound like a funny question but when you are experiencing difficulties you ask all kinds of questions that you didn’t set out to ask in the first place. And so, this book is an attempt to, not answer the questions, but begin to set your mind to think about how your particular situation can be improved by the chain of thoughts you have,” he said.

The ceremony also marked the official public launch of the youth group, Y.E.P. (Youths, Entrepreneurs and Professionals), which seeks to help empower young persons in society

Sanjay Caines is the group’s president.

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