Lost At Sea

(ZIZ News) — The community of Dieppe Bay is still reeling after news broke that two of its residents were lost at sea.

The police have confirmed that fishermen Chris Dorset, believed to be in his 30’s, and Wilson Caines, said to be 18 years old, went out to sea, early Tuesday morning.

Dorset swam ashore but Caines is reportedly still missing.

Derrick Huggins
Derrick Huggins

Derrick Huggins, a relative of Dorset, spoke with ZIZ news and recounted the incident as he was told.

“While they were outside, there was a wave coming to the boat, and in trying to get away from the wave, the wave actually came on the boat faster than they thought it would and it overturned the boat,” he said.

While they were trying to swim back to the boat, they found out that it was too difficult so they thought one idea, let’s try to swim towards where we could see the land and they were swimming for a while and just a few moments after, the guy started telling him he was tired and he can’t make it any further and he was encouraging the guy to…and within a few minutes he just lost sight of the guy and he never see the guy again. He now was thinking about survival so he just start swimming towards where he knew the shore should be,” he added.

He continued “and it was about 7:30, when I was at home listening to the cricket, I got called from another fisherman asked me what was going on with my cousin. Point blank I told him I didn’t hear anything. He told me Chris Dorset which is my cousin, went to the F.A.D.S and it seems like they had an accident because he just got a report that they found somebody in the Lynches Bay area that just swim ashore and said their boat had overturned, so right away my mind told me it was my cousin.”

Huggins said after visiting his cousin at the hospital, he organised a search party and went looking for Caines.

“I took my boat and went out to sea about 3, 4 last night. I had other occupants but unfortunately we did not see anything. We came back in and this morning again about 7:30/8 o clock we resumed the search again back up in the Mansion, Tabernacle, Cayon area while the other boats were still down in the St Pauls, Whitegate area searching to see if either we see the guy or the remains of the boat. But unfortunately up until now we have not seen anything,” he said.

Meanwhile, villagers, family members and friends are still hopeful that Caines will be found.

“Condolences goes out to the family, even though something tragic, you know it’s an accident and condolences goes out the family of the guy that we cannot find and hopefully that someday we could find the body so that closure can come to the family and everybody can settle down and understand what really happened,” he said.

Wilson Caines is a student of the Saddlers Secondary School.

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