Major fault at Frigate Bay results in loss of electricity

DECEMBER 10, 2010 (CUOPM) – A major electrical fault in the Frigate Bay area is being blamed for Wednesday’s power outage.

Superintendent of the Needsmust Power Plant, Mr. Kevin Bennett said the protection panel at the Needsmust Power Station was activated resulting in the loss of power island-wide.

“Immediate investigations were carried out by engineers and field technicians and it was subsequently discovered that the cause of the outage was a major electrical fault at Frigate Bay. The process of restoration began almost immediately but was hindered by an electrical problem on the Sandy Point feeder, which was responsible for causing a disruption in supply to some areas which had already been restored,” said Mr. Bennet.

He disclosed that supply of electricity had been restored to the entire island with the exception of a section of Frigate Bay.

“Preliminary assessments indicate that said area will be without power until Saturday 11 December due to the extent of the damage caused by electrical fault,” said the Needsmust Plant Superintendent.

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