Major Pond Road Rehabilitation

ZIZ News — The ongoing Road Rehabilitation Project will be bringing some relief to persons in Ponds Extension with some major reconstruction on the drains.

Whenever it rains heavily Pond Road becomes difficult for drivers and pedestrians as various areas are usually flooded.

The project aims to reconstruct the drainage system to make the area safer.

Hon. Earl Asim Martin
Hon. Earl Asim Martin

Minister of Public Works the Honourable Dr. Earl Asim Martin said this is a large project that includes building new storm drains to divert excess rainwater.

“This work that we are doing is quite extensive where we have built large storm drains on both sides of Pond Road and also storm drains on Sandown Road where there were no storm drains previously so we have actually built drains where there were no drains before,” he said.

Dr Martin said these new drains will be playing a big part in diverting water from the east.

“And then they will take that portion of water coming from east of the Ponds Extension Playing Field and everything east of that side down into the storm drain.  So we have really divided where the flow, as it were, from what it was previously where all of the water would have flowed directly onto Pond Road into the Sol storm drain,” he said.

The drain renovation is part of a larger road project being done with a consulting firm from Jamaica.

This component is expected to be completed by June.

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