Man Shot and Killed

IstanMitchumPoliceHeadshot(ZIZ News) – Police are investigating a shooting incident in West Bourne Ghaut that has left a young man dead.

Reports indicate that the victim is Alston Mitcham, said to be in his twenties.

According to reports, just after 8 am Mitcham was sitting on a step in an alley that connects West Bourne Ghaut to Prickle Pear Alley when a gunman shot and killed him.

Police, Defense Force and Medical Officials were quickly on the scene collecting evidence and interviewing neighbours.

Commisioner of Police, Celvin G. Walwyn told ZIZ News that this is an issue that needs everyone’s attention.

“We are now experiencing shootings in the daytime and we have put things in place to combat this. However, as I have always said, crime is everybody’s business. The citizens are going to have to get involved. We have 1 800 8477 which is crime stoppers where they can call and remain anonymous, and leave us the tips and we follow up on the tips. But to keep quiet and not say anything you are just as wrong as the person who took an innocent life this morning

Police say no-one is in custody as yet but investigations are underway.

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