Maynard Already Working in Constituency Three

KonrisMaynard+LabourCandidateFilePhotoA(ZIZ)– Konris Maynard, one of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s Springtime Candidates, has said that like his new colleagues, he has already begun to work within his constituency.

Maynard, who will be contesting the next election against the People’s Labour Party’s Honourable Sam Condor, outlined, during a popular radio call-in programme, some of his recent work.

“Right now, we are pushing for a number of road projects within our constituency to get going. Right now, I’m pushing for us to identify additional lands so that the people in our constituency can have more access to lands. Right now, we are positioning to get our share of the allotment of habitat 30 houses. We’re doing things and I’m going to continue to do things because that is what I’ve been asked to do,” Maynard explained.

He then sought to compare his performance as a political candidate to that of Mr. Condor. He claimed that Condor’s well known statement that his hands were tied when he served as a minister under the SKNLP government was nothing more than an excuse for his inability to effectively serve the members of his constituency.

“‘The hands tied’ is just an excuse because now you are free. Your wings can spread. You have access now to persons who are willing to contribute. What it is you have done in the last 15 months? Let’s put on pause the 25 years, but what have you done in the last 15 months?”

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