Meals on wheels extend appreciation to Winair

President of the Meals on Wheels Programme, Mary Brison being congratulated by Michael Jeffery who is a pilot

Rawle Nelson, Freelance Journalist (01 03 2010) — “We are forever grateful and thankful for their readily available support and assistance to us whenever we request their help,” this is according to President of the Meals On Wheels Programme, Mary Brison. Brison was referring to Windward Islands Airways for what she said has been their continued contributions to the communities that they serve.

The Meals on Wheels President pointed out that despite enduring challenging and very difficult years in keeping her programme alive, Winair continues to chip in through several ways. She pointed out that since the formation of her organization in 1995 they have only been able to garner funding and sponsorship support for one year which was in the first year of establishment.

She said that the organization as established on January 26th 1995 after the devastating effects of Hurricane Lewis which had the time had created havoc and major damage to both life and property. She noted that immediately following the hurricane she commenced providing meals to persons affected by the hurricane. “I begun by having cooked food each day which was done under two Heineken tents in my front yard and I would provide a hot meal a day to several persons seven days a week in and around my community,” Brison said.

She added that after things returned to normal and the situation was brought under control she sought to provide a hot meal everyday to persons living in shut ins and underprivileged children. Quizzed on how funds are garnered so as to keep what many persons have described as true humanitarian efforts being executed by Brison, she said that her organization executes three fundraising ventures each month noting that monies garnered from these events helps in keeping her programme running. “It is through the three fundraising ventures that helps us to keep this progranmme going as getting help and assistance continues to prove difficult,” she said.

She proudly disclosed that at present some 60 odd seniors and 20 underprivileged children benefits each day from hotly prepared meals which she stressed is prepared each day and then distributed. “Keeping such a programme going is really tuff as each day we are tasked with preparing food for both seniors and underprivileged children but I have made a commitment when I got started and even though at times I feel frustrated and somewhat tired I know that keeping this programme going is the only thing that matters. I cannot afford to stop this now as these people (seniors and underprivileged) look forward to each day for a hot meal,” she said.

Brison added that the work that is being done by her organization is important as it seeks to provide for those that are normally ignored. She said that their only help is the meal that they would get on a daily basis. “Most of these people eat their only meal from us as in many cases they are not assisted or given the opportunities that they so desperately seek,” she said.

She said that currently her programme is executed through the help of four volunteers while each day four vehicles are assigned in distributing the meals around the place. “There are times that I feel like calling it quits owing to the growing difficulties and challenges faced but when I look at these persons and I see the joy that is evident in their faces when I am distributing meals it reminds me that I need to continue,” she said.

Brison expressed that her organization has plans in continuing to provide hot meals each day while they seek to enhance the lives of those living in shut in and also affected by varying health and social issues thus she has no plans to quit. “My heart would be broken if I was to do that therefore I cannot stop as these people depends upon us, Meals on Wheels programe,” she declared.

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