Media Practitioners to Review and Re-Think their reporting on Regional Integration

(ZIZ News) — A series of workshops on the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) continued on Tuesday with sessions focusing on media workers.

Media practitioners based in st. Kitts and Nevis were invited to review and re-think the reporting of regional integration including the CARICOM Single Market And Economy.

The two day workshop consists of an update on the CSME, a call to go beyond the media release, activities that stir creative and analytical thinking, a review of the role of social media and personal branding.

Consultant and Facilitator at the two day workshop, Francine Charles, said while media workers have deadlines and other pressing obligations, they should also make an effort to include CSME-related stories to inform the public of ongoing developments.

She said, “As journalists we understand that we are in a business, we understand that there are things that people want, but also we have a duty to help to inform and educate our public and I sensed in the room that what we’re gonna walk away with is just some practical thoughts on how we can create that balance because there are some practical, structural things within an organization. And of course also the principle and philosophy that we want to cover CARICOM issues.”

Meanwhile, Communications Specialist in the CSME Unit at the CARICOM Secretariat, Salas Hamilton said one of the areas that were discussed was the complicated and technical language of news from the secretariat.

“We have staff on board to ensure that this happens, that the information is not that technical. And in having regular updates and engagements with the media we can also be reminded to use the new technology, the social media, and that social media part is not one that treats kindly to technical language. It must be simple, succinct, and precise,” Pemberton stated.

Media workers from both St. Kitts and Nevis are a part of the sessions, which wrap up on Wednesday.

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