Media Representatives to participate in “Child Protection and the Media” Workshop

(ZIZ News)– The Department of Probation and Child Protection Services will be working with media houses, next week, in an effort to improve accountability and transparency as well as foster stronger ties to promote the Department’s mandate.

The Department will host a workshop on “Child Protection and the Media” on November 17 and 18 at the Foundation for National Development [FND] Conference Room.

Department Director Debra Matthew told ZIZ News that media houses are the most effective engines to spread the message of ending violence against children. She therefore wants to find ways of improving the working relationship with the media.

“We find the media can be that avenue and so we want to forge a relationship with them to get that awareness out…the sensitization of issues. Because I think that that is one place where people are going to tune in to. The radio, the newspaper, the computer…we want to touch on every avenue to get our messages out,” she explained.

Matthew said she would like to see greater effort being made to protect the rights of children when reporting stories.

“So I think when it comes to children’s issues it’s just to take a step back, get as much factual information as you can and also try to protect that child’s identity; be confidential about certain issues,” she explained.

The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Tia Cooper, a Consultant from Trinidad, who was recommended by the United Nations Children’s Fund.

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