Meditation Center Hosts Lecture on Stress-Free Living

(ZIZ News) – A meditation expert from the St. Maarten branch of the Brahma Kumaris Organisation is on island to host free lectures in partnership with the Meditation Center.

Sister Devki, as she is known in the organisation, sat with our reporter this week to give an overview of her trip.

“I’m here to render assistance to our local centre here and so we have organised, in my visit, a number of lectures especially to serve the local community because as an organisation, all our activities are especially geared to serve the local community as a service to the community free of charge,” Sister Devki said.

Thursday’s lecture is being planned for 7pm at Tiranga Restaurant, opposite the St. Kitts Marriott Resort. That lecture will surround the theme “Stress-Free Living.”

“We are saying to people stress is a messenger to tell us we are out of balance, something is not going correct,” Sister Devki said.

“We are living in a world where every moment, not just second, every moment, there’s only one thing that happens all the time, one thing that is a guarantee, that is inevitable and that is change. We’re living in a world where there’s only constant change and for most of us, we get so accustomed to being in our comfort zone that the last thing we want to do is change,” she added.

On Tuesday, Sister Devki hosted a lecture titled “Understanding the Law of Karma”. That lecture was held at the Meditation Center at College Housing.

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