Meditation Center to Host Lectures

The Meditation Center St. Kitts is currently hosting a series of lectures to assist interested persons in understanding meditation.

Guided by the phrase “Om Shanti” which translates to “I Am Peace”, the Meditation Center offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about finding peace within themselves.

Director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre of Venezuela Sister Silvereen Mongru explained the concept of meditation.

Sister Silvereen said while the Brahma Kumaris believes in God, meditation is not related to religion.

She spoke of what can be expected at the lectures.

Sister Alana Aqui who has been at the Meditation Center for the past 6 years, teaches people how to connect with the inner self.

She explained the purpose of the Mediation Center.

As the week progresses, the sisters will visit the hospital to speak with the nurses on the topic “Healing Yourself by Healing Your Mind”.

On Thursday the lecture at her majesty’s prison will be “Who Is Your Best Friend And Your Worst Enemy” and on Friday there will be an ecumenical lecture and discussion on meditation open to the public at the immaculate conception catholic church co cathedral from 6 to 8pm.

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