Meeting with PM, Police and A.G. well received, Officers want more attention

(ZIZ News) — The March 4th meeting among the country’s Prime Minister, Attorney General and members of the Royal St. Christopher Police Force has been well received by the police officers.

One officer, Corporal Matthew McGuire, is already calling for another meeting, as all stakeholders seek to improve safety and security on the island.

“I will like to suggest, Mr. Prime Minister, as you spoke about crime, that if a similar forum could be convened that we can basically undertake discussion or consultation in relation to ideas, strategies that we have, because what I find over the years is that most of the time, because you don’t have that consultation coming from the high command to facilitate strategies, that you find that that part of the strategic planning in crime fighting has been stifled and I believe that going forward, that’s an avenue that one can explore,” Corporal McGuire suggested.

Meantime, Woman Police Constable Pearlita Thomas said the Frigate Bay area needs more attention.

She said, “Frigate Bay needs to be looked at. The criminals them coming over there and it have a lot of exit that they come in and they could get out. We need more people over there so we could have extra patrols to combat the crime over there.”

Thomas has been a police officer for 21 years. She is attached to the Frigate Bay Police Station.

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