Mervin Bonnett – Top Winner at March Madness

Sports Page — Another exciting Drag racing event was held on Sunday 29th March at the St.James’ Raceway.

The event was coordinated by the Nevis Sports Department with CJ Bartlette playing a lead role.

It was dubbed ‘MARCH MADNESS” and involved vehicles from Nevis, St.Kitts and Antigua.

At the end of the day, the biggest winner was Mervin Bonnet of Antigua who won over Ric Pennyfeather of St.Kitts in the 10 seconds showdown.

The overall results were as follows:

14 seconds class:
1st- Yanic Williams (St.Kitts)
2nd- Kyle Sutton (Nevis)

13 seconds class:
1st- Brandon Hamilton (Nevis)
2nd- Joshua Smithen (Nevis)

12 seconds class :
1st- Kacey Daniel (Nevis)
2nd- Eldean Huggins (St.Kitts)

11 seconds class:
1st- Alexander James (St.Kitts)
2nd- Lorenzo Manners (Nevis)

10 seconds class:
1st- Mervyn Bonnett (T&T/Antigua)
2nd- Ric Pennyfeather (St.Kitts)

CJ Bartlette took time out to congratulate the winners thanked the sponsors, event staff, media houses and fans for their contribution towards making the March Madness event a success.

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