Metrology Saving You Money

I-RonnAudainA(ZIZ) — The Metrology Department at the Bureau of Standards is stepping up efforts to inform the public about the work it does and how it can save people money.

In an interview with ZIZ News, Head Metrologist, I-Ronn Audain said as the country moves towards energy efficient bulbs and appliances, the department is making sure persons get exactly what they pay for.

“We currently have a program where we’re checking to see if persons buy a CFL bulb and it’s supposed to last two years, that it will actually last the two years. We’re also looking at the energy labels as it regards to refrigeration and other household appliances,” he noted.

He said they are also verifying electricity meters to ensure accuracy.

“The general public has indicated that there is a need for the electrical meters to have some sort of verification. For persons to actually make sure that if they’re being charged for 10 kilowatts per hour, that they’re actually using 10 kilowatts per hour,” Audain explained.

The unit is this week commemorating World Metrology Day under the theme, “Measurements and the Global Energy Challenge.”

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