Minister Byron-Nisbett Calls For Changed Behaviour Coming Out Of 24-hour Lockdown

Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 30, 2021 (SKNIS): Minister of Health, the Honourable Akilah Byron-Nisbett, has called on the general public to adopt changed behaviour coming out of the lockdown as such practice will redound to the benefit of all.
“For us to win this war, we also need changed behaviour once we come out of this current lockdown. We need persons to remember that non-pharmaceutical measures are still very much necessary. That means, we need everyone to practice these measures to the point of making them second nature,” said Minister Byron-Nisbett. “Even if you go out into your yard or on your veranda or sit on your step during the lockdown, put on your mask so that you can get into the habit of wearing your mask once we come out of lockdown and we go back to work, socializing, etc.”
Presenting on the Resolution to extend the State of Emergency during the June 28 Emergency Sitting of Parliament, Minister Byron-Nisbett said it is important to not lose sight of the true enemy, that is the invisible enemy, the virus.

Additionally, she encouraged the general public to adopt the measures even at home.

“Practice proper hand hygiene; if you touch a high-touched area at home, make sure to sanitize/wash your hands before you touch your face, eat or touch others. Practice social distancing, even if it means doing drills at home to stay 6 feet or for persons who live close to neighbours, maintaining that distance when speaking over the fence,” she said.


The health minister said that the general public’s behaviour coming out of the lockdown can determine the outcome of future restrictions.

“I am hopeful, however, and I have faith in our people of this Federation, that coming out of this current two (2) weeks lockdown, we would not have a need for any further lockdowns or curfews because we would all have a better understanding of the power we all have in our hands to end this pandemic by following the necessary non-pharmaceutical measures, as well as stepping forward and accepting the pharmaceutical measure, that is vaccines,” said Minister Byron-Nisbett. Minister Byron-Nisbett said it is important to have all hands on board in order to achieve success.  She implored everyone to work together to fight the common enemy, COVID-19, and echoed her confidence in everyone working together to help flatten the curve and get back to some form of normalcy.

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