Minister Carty addresses CARPHA Report

HonNigelCartyHeadshotEZIZ News — Minister of Education, Hon. Nigel Carty, recently addressed several matters connected with the Basseterre High School issue head on at a recent stakeholder meeting.

During his presentation, Minister Carty indicated that his ministry, along with the Ministry Of Health, expected all the recommendations made in the Caribbean Public Health Agency (carpha) report to be completed well before the end of the summer school break.

“The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Public Works Department are fully engaged in attempting to address all of these recommendations,” he said. “Many of them they have made advances on. Some of them we have completed. We believe that based upon the time we have during this summer vacation we should be able to make good on all of these recommendations and finally to have CARPHA return to help us determine how to go forward after we feel that we would have done justice with respect to the implementation of those recommendations.”

The minister also addressed an allegation made by The St. Kitts Teachers Union that educators attached to bhs were being transferred out of the school. According to Carty, this is completely untrue.

“The idea that the ministry has made a decision to transfer teachers out of the school is a complete fallacy and is a complete concoction and we want our parents and teachers to understand that” he said. “We want for parents and teachers and all concerned to understand that. That decision has never made, it was not communicated to anyone, and persons who continue to say those things and create disaffection and confusion where it ought not to exist…we should put them on notice that this is not the case.”

The meeting brought together representatives of the Ministries Of Health and Education, Public Works Department, management of Basseterre High and Washington Archibald High School, the BHS Parent/Teacher Association, and St. Kitts Teachers Union with the purpose of openly discussing the findings of the CARHPA report and charting a way forward.

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