Minister Condor praises bravery of shot police officer and large ammunition haul

ZIZ NEWS… 21 May 2010 – The recent shooting of an off duty police officer and the seizing of a large amount of ammunition has highlighted the wide spectrum of events that has fallen under the brief of the Federation’s Minister of National Security and Deputy Prime Minister.

The Honourable Minister Sam Condor spoke to ZIZ reporter Julia Thompson, where gave his thoughts on the recent spate of activities.

Minister Condor admits that despite the successful haul of ammunitions in the Federation this week there is no room for complacency within his Department of National Security.

The Deputy Prime Minister also had high praise for the work of the police force and expressed that there was no braver act demonstrated than that shown by the off duty police officer who was shot earlier this week in Frigate Bay.

The success rate of the Federation’s security forces has been highlighted this week alone. On Wednesday 19 May, one 32 gauge shotgun, one 12 gauge round and 81 nine millimetre rounds of ammunitions were found on the premises of Judy Browne-Claxton of Craddock Road, Nevis.

This is in addition to the 500 rounds of ammunition that was seized by the St Kitts and Nevis Customs and Excise K9 Unit during a routine patrol at the Deep Water Port at Bird Rock earlier this week. Minister Condor praised the work of the specially trained dogs who discovered the large amount of ammunitions.

Minister Condor also commended the Federation’s public for their support in coming forward to provide information on certain crimes. He says this shows that the people of the Federation are saying a definite no to crime.

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