Minister for Labour clears the air on work permits for performers

Mr. Vegas

ST.GEORGE’S, GRENADA, FEBRUARY 23, 2010 – Minister for Labour, Hon Karl Hood says the Government of Grenada has not banned any regional artiste from performing in Grenada.

Minister Hood said his ministry has no difficulties with regional performers displaying their expertise and talents in Grenada. However, he says, his ministry has attempted to ensure that proper procedures are followed by promoters wanting work permits for artistes booked to hold concerts in Grenada.

“We met with the promoters and have agreed the procedures for performers to receive work permits. These procedures are designed to give the Ministry the requisite time to vet the requests and allow the promoter to advertise his event,” Minister Hood said.

He noted that some promoters have not adhered to the rules and have continued with last minute requests for work permits, although they signed contracts with the artistes and have been advertising their events for months.

He said the procedures call for promoters to contact the Ministry of Labour for work permits once they agree to a contract with an artiste to perform in Grenada.

“The Ministry is not a rubber stamp and we have communicated the process. We will not therefore be responsible for promoters who are denied permits based on their non compliance with our procedures,” he said.

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