Minister Hamilton Meets with Residents of Keys Village

EugeneHamilton-4(ZIZ News) – Housing and employment were among the topics discussed on Monday night when residents of Keys Village met with their Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Eugene Hamilton, at a town hall meeting at the Keys Community Centre.

Minister Hamilton briefed them on his stewardship, addressed challenges, and outlined plans for the community.

He said one of his top priorities is to find resources to pay redundant sugar workers.

“The money that was promised to them and unpaid, we would have to find the resources to pay them. There are those who we will have to include, who themselves may not have had any payment to all,” Hamilton said.

He also spoke about the government’s plans to locate areas to build homes within Keys.

He said, “Keys is a small community, and when we look at it, it does not appear that much land is available near Keys but we will be as resourceful as we can and find areas where we can provide housing for the people in Keys.”

Regarding employment, Minister Hamilton said there must be a plan to move from a minimum wage to a liveable wage.

“It is a wage which we expect you to pay for your necessaries: food, clothing, and shelter and still be able to provide a saving for yourself and for your family and so, over the period of the next couple of months, we will be defining that nationally and providing that liveable wage which we promised to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis,” the minister stated.

The town hall meetings will be held nightly at 7pm until Thursday this week. Tuesday’s meeting was held at the Conaree Community Centre.

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