Minister Liburd Updates on Public Parks

ZIZ News — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency two, the Honourable Marcella Liburd is ensuring that children within her constituency are able to engage in extracurricular activities through the construction of several family parks.

During a recent interview, Minister Liburd gave an update on those parks stating that “The parks are coming along.”

“Dorset Park would be opened next Saturday on the 23rd. We reach a long way with that. The New Road Park is coming along. As you know, the fencing is coming up, the lighting is here, renewable energy…so the lighting is going up,” Minister Liburd explained adding that landscaping was also being carried out.

“We are also going to fence the area for the park that we are doing up at pine garden and some little work still at The Garden’s playing field. A lot of it is done but still a lot of things to do,” she said.

Minister Liburd also holds responsibility for Social Services and Gender. She therefore used the opportunity to comment on a woman empowerment initiative that she oversaw as Minister.

“Quite a lot has been happening in terms of the various ministries. We just completed a workshop in gender in collaboration with Constituency Empowerment and the Ministry…it’s part of the Project Viola Programme that has to do with the young girls who got pregnant in school,” she concluded.

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