Minister Liburd Updates on Water Situation in St. Kitts

(ZIZ News) – While residents of St. Kitts continue to experience water shortage as a result of low rainfall, the island’s Minister with responsibility for Natural Resources, Hon. Ian Liburd, said relief may be coming soon.

Minister Liburd capitalised on the opening section of parliament last week to update the nation on the present water status.

He said, “Ongoing is a U.S.$5 million water project and that is expected to bring some two million gallons of water on stream by the year 2016. Exploration has started and drilling should commence shortly. We are, as a Team Unity Administration, committed to connecting every single home in this country to potable pipe water.”

Minister Liburd admitted that there have been many challenges as it relates to water supply but said such challenges were hard to avoid.

“These challenges are operational in nature. We’ve had a very difficult year to date for St. Kitts-Nevis, a record dry period, more than 50 percent deficit in rainfall and this is forecast to continue into the New Year. This means that there is little or no recharge to replenish the sources because reduced flows from surface water sources means less water to be pumped or piped,” the Minister continued.

In St. Kitts, water is extracted from the surface and ground water sources. As reported by Minister Liburd, there are six surface sources and 25 wells currently in use.

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