Minister of Tourism says his reinstatement means improvement and sustainability to his sector

Senator and Minister of Tourism and Interntional Transport, Hon Richard Skerritt

ZIZ News…February 12, 2009 – The Senator and Minister of Tourism and International Transport says his reinstatement represents an opportunity for added improvement and sustainability to his sector.

ZIZ News spoke exclusively with the Honorable Ricky Skerrit on board the Celebrity Equinox. Minister Skerrit says he is currently being briefed on his slightly revised portfolio.

He highlighted that special emphasis is being placed on matters pertaining to travel in and out of the Federation by air and sea. Minister Skerrit says fortunately he has been familiar with the travel industry for years.

According to Minister Skerrit: “We have been working on things like air lifts. This gives us full scope and we have the opportunity now to unite and forge closer relationships between the Air and Sea Port Authority, Tourism and UDC and other agencies that work directly to improve the tourism product and to facilitate the flow of visitors in and out of the country. So it really is an opportunity to improve and sustain the sector.”

The reinstated Tourism Minister says where the sector is concerned; the challenges have not changed as a result of an election.

He stressed that the global economy continues to create overwhelming market pressures: “In terms of the ability to get people to spend the kind of money they was being spent before on travel and tourism. We have found that people are still travelling; it’s beginning to turn around in terms of demand but people are much more conscience of value. We have to work harder to achieve standards and value for expenditure.”

According to Minister Skerrit, his ministry’s continuous objective is to create more expenditure to circulate in the economy. He says his department will ensure that the benefits of the revenue generated will impact all communities.

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