Minister of Water Services says we must not take our access and availability of water for granted

(ZIZ News)

By: Chaïra Flanders

Minister in the Ministry of Water Services in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), Hon. Spencer Brand says we should not take access and availability of water for granted.

In speaking specifically to the people of Nevis, the Minister of Water was at the time delivering remarks to mark World Water Day on Friday March 22, which is being held under the theme, “Leaving no one behind.”

Minister Brand said there are a number of factors threaten the sustainability of our water resource and encouraged all citizens to do their part in ensuring that our water resources are sustained and protected.

He said, “These include climate change, bad environmental practices, the increasing demand for water due to increasing standards of living and social status, population dynamics, economic development, and a lack of water harvesting and conservation practices, to name a few. On this World Water Day, it is imperative that we work hand-in-hand to secure, protect and sustain our water resources; and partner with all stakeholders including every citizen, the private sector, regional and international organizations, to ensure that before 2030, we would have 100 percent access and availability of potable water for all residents and people on Nevis.”

He then recognised and applauded the NIA for putting water high on its development agenda and thanked the management and staff of the Nevis Water Department, the cooperation of allied government agencies and departments and the support of regional and international organizations for their dedicated leadership and commitment during this current dry season.

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