Minister Phillip boasts of Housing Achievements

GlennPhillip-3(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Number Four, the Hon. Glenn Phillip said he is working hard for the residents of that constituency, particularly in the area of housing.

Speaking at the opening of his Constituency Office in Old Road, Minister Phillip compared his performance over his first four years to that of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) over its fifteen years in office.

He said, “PAM built 41 houses in 15 years in this constituency. Why do we need PAM again? In Halfway Tree alone, my first year in government, some 30 plus homes were built in Halfway Tree alone and now there’s an additional 24 homes being built in Halfway Tree, which will make it close to 60 homes in my four years since I’ve been here representing the people of constituency number four.”

He added that close to 100 homes were built in constituency four over the last four years since he took office.

“In this constituency so far, in my four years in office I have built over, with the help of my Labour colleagues, over 90 plus houses; the most houses that have been built for any one constituency between 2010 and 2014. These are statistics, these are facts,” he stated.

Minister Phillip said he is also pleased with process of land distribution within his constituency.

“If you look at land distribution there are over 400 lots of land that have been given to the people of this constituency for residential purposes. We have given over 45 acres of lands for farmers.”

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