Minister Phillip empowering residents and transforming Constituency

Basseterre, St. Kitts (CUOPM) — Residents of St. Christopher 4 (Challengers to can look back with pride and look forward with hope that the transformation of the communities and the advancement of the people will continue under a progressive and caring St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party Administration.

“We are building homes, improving infrastructure, empowering our youth, caring for our elderly and those living among us with disabilities with understanding that the mission of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party is and will forever be, “For the Good that We can Do. The work of empowering, building and transforming lives and communities is an on-going labour of love that together we have undertaken following on the most able and inspiring leadership of Mr. Rupert Herbert, champion of the progress and friend to all,” said Minister of Information Technology, Youth Empowerment and Sports.

Mr. Phillip, the area’s Parliamentary Representative noted that it was his predecessor, the Mr. Herbert, who led the way to a brighter day in education, housing and infrastructural improvements for the people of the constituency from 1995 to 2010.

“He showed us that it was possible to be land owners and homeowners and that our children can be empowered through college education and university. And now we are standing in a new era of development that has been inspired both by the legacy of his leadership and the mission of action in the interest of all,” said Mr. Phillip at the “Conversations for Progress,” – a town hall-style meeting at the Challengers Community Center.

Mr. Phillip in referring to Labour Government’s commitment to transform lives and communities not only in St. Christopher 4 band across the island, noted that since his election over 100 homes were built and distributed in the Constituency.

“More than 400 hundred house lots have been allocated and distributed in this constituency alone for the advancement of all our people. These houses have been built in every community of this constituency as a sign that your Labour Party in government is looking after the development needs of all our communities,” said Minister Phillip, who pointed out that houses have been constructed in Half Way Tree and Middle Island due to the relocation of families from coastline that had been threatened by Hurricane Omar in 2008.

“The safety and comfort of persons living along the coastline in these communities is of grave concern to the government and much is being done to relocate them. Therefore in the next year an additional 100 homes will be available for distribution in the constituency. Persons desirous of being considered should ensure their applications are undated at the NHC. We are desirous of assisting everyone,” said Mr. Phillip.

He disclosed that in partnership with the Ministries of Sustainable Development (Lands Division) and Agriculture, over 40 acres of land have been distributed to farmers in the constituency since 2010.

“Assistance has been given and to get them going, assistance has been given to our farmers in the procuring fencing material, onsite source of water, seedlings and fertilisers, and assistance in ploughing and preparing the soil. Additional lands are being earmarked for future distribution. As a party and government, we believe in home grown self-sufficiency that offers food security to the nation and puts money in the pockets of our people,” said Minister Phillip.

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