Minister Phillip outlines Government’s Role in Youth Empowerment

GlennPhillip-7(ZIZ News) — Minister of Youth Empowerment, the Hon. Glenn Phillip, told the gathering at Monday’s Social Innovation for Change Signing Ceremony that his government has created advancement opportunities for young people.

He added that the commitment to youth empowerment is evident and will continue under his leadership.

“Every single young person in this country represents a vast reservoir of potential that can manifest tangible benefits to the present and future of this country. What is critical however, is that they have recognised this and are empowered to realise it,” the Minister explained.

He also shared examples of the government’s youth empowerment programmes.

“It is why our Administration continues to invest heavily in vocational institutions and programmes that offer not only theory but practical, hands-on experience in the classroom and in the work environment where they can acquire new skills and hone existing skills that they may employ to their own benefit. This is why you have seen heavy investments in the upgrades of our nationally acclaimed sporting facilities where today, our aspiring athletes can not only master and showcase their athletic potential, but also shape these skills right alongside and with the guidance of the world athletic stars from across the globe,” he said.

The Minister pointed out that the youth development programmes impact the entire community and the people who participate in them.

“It is why many of you have friends, families and acquaintances actively engaged in the PEP programme, developing skills and competence in any of a wide range of fields. This is why you are witness to countless developments coming on stream across the island that will each call upon our young people to join them in adding the value to their offerings and contribute effectively to the economic and social growth of our beloved Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis,” Minister Phillip said.

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