Minister Phillip outlines his main priorities

The Honourable Glenn Phillip

ZIZ News…February 25, 2010 – The Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sports, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Post, the Honourable Glenn Phillip, has spoken to ZIZ News about taking on his new portfolio and what he sees are his main priorities at the early stage of his ministerial career.

Minister Phillip says overall he is quite happy with his new portfolio. He told ZIZ News:

“For example technology and post, I think they are intertwined. What we are looking at in the post office is to modernize it, in terms of telecommunications and to offer some additional services that have not been offered before. We are now living in a real competitive world and we do not want the post office to be antiquated or to become a dinosaur. We want the post office to be able to compete with any other company that has a similar standing.”

The new minister also expressed his views about his first official engagement which was the opening of the Tabernacle post office.

According to Minister Phillip; “It was great. It gave me the opportunity to say what we are going to do with the post office in terms of their offerings and the offerings to the general public. It also gave me the first opportunity to say what I intend to do with this new portfolio.”

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