Minister Powell Declares Child Month 2021 Open

Basseterre: St. Kitts, May 31, 2021: Minister with responsibility for Education, Honourable Jonel Powell has officially declared Child Month 2021 open.

Child Month 2021 will be celebrated under the theme: Wash hands and Mask on Everyone, Keep your Distance: Child Month 2021.

 Minister Powell stated, “This year’s Child Month theme highlights the established non-pharmaceutical actions that we must take as a show of our national fortitude and safety in the midst of the local threat of COVID-19. The theme therefore implores us to consistently display an attitude that is caring, considerate, and respectful”.

The minister added that the activities for child month required a new level of creativity to ensure the safety of all involved.

“The consideration for safety of all stakeholders involved in Child Month 2021 served as the basis for selecting and structuring many of the activities traditional and modified”, he said.

Minister Powell took the opportunity to express gratitude to members of the business community, whose partnership with the Early Childhood Development Unit (ECDU) has enabled ECDU to achieve many of its initiatives. 

“We remain grateful for the many local, regional and international partnerships that have enabled us to accomplish so many initiatives in our Early Childhood sector he said.”

Appreciation was also expressed to employees, proprietors and managers of various early childhood centres across the Federation.

“I salute, respect, and highly commend the boundless energies of the supervisors, proprietors, managers, teachers, nursery caregivers and auxiliary staff at all public and private Early Childhood Centres, and the officers at the Early Childhood Development Unit. You shoulder a considerable amount of responsibilities, and for this, our nation is deeply indebted to you. Thank you for your selfless service to Early Childhood”, he said.

Child month is celebrated annually for the entire month of June.

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