Minister Richards Challenges Teachers

(ZIZ News) — Teachers throughout St. Kitts and Nevis are being challenged to recommit themselves to their profession and to developing the nation’s children.

Minister of Education, the Hon. Shawn Richards issued the challenge during his address to launch Teachers’ Week 2015.

“I wish also to use this occasion to plead with you teachers to recommit yourselves to working towards a better, more successful, productive academic year 2015-2016. We must hear less complaints from your co-workers, your supervisors, principals and education officers, our parents, our students, our business sector and the wider community about some teachers’ unbecoming behaviours on and off of the school compound,” he said.

While acknowledging the invaluable work of the vast majority of teachers, he said there are still a number of concerns that must be addressed.

“There are too many complaints; legitimate complaints I may add; of some of our teachers not preparing work, being regularly late and absent, being improperly and inappropriately attired, using less than decent language in the presence of students, not attending or participating in staff meetings, development sessions and extra-curriculum activities etc. Without proper reason or excuse,” he said.

Richards also wants teachers to create an environment in the classroom that encourages learning.

“The challenge is yours to commit yourselves to ensuring that you do all in your power to so employ your talents, resources and efforts that you create the most comfortable environment for your students so that their learning could be better, faster and wider and deeper,” he said.

Teachers’ Week 2015 is being observed under the theme, “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies”.

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