Ministry Of Agriculture Held Peace Initiative Agricultural Training And Development Programme

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 4th, 2021 (ZIZ News) In an effort to assist persons who are willing to contribute to the agricultural sector, the Ministry of Agriculture held a one day orientation programme on Thursday.

The programme consisted of members of the Peace Initiative, with 619 from St. Kitts and 80 from Nevis.

National Security Advisor, Major General Stewart Saunders underscored the importance of the programme noting that food security is vital to a country’s economy and the wellbeing of its people.

“Food security is an extremely serious challenge throughout the world today, nations need to produce more, in order to reduce their importation bills so that governments can find monies to do other things that are necessary for the wellbeing of their people so what you’re embarking upon is an extremely important and vital venture in the interest of the nation.”

In officially launching the programme, Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Alexis Jeffers asked the group of participants to be the future of agriculture going forward.

“We want our people to be eating from the land, from the soil, from the ground, because that is where our sustenance comes from that is where our growth and our health and well-being comes from. So when I say that you’re the future of agriculture and the future of agriculture have to start with you moving forward, it also means that some of our elderly farmers are exiting the stage and someone will have to be there to carry on. I want you to be the group upon which we can rely on in this federation to propel us forward and to feed us for the future to come.”

The participants were taken through a series of sessions which included an introduction to farm business school, training programme and curricula, establishing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating.

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