Ministry of Education enters Mediation Process with Teachers’ Union

ClariceCottonA(SKNIS) — The Ministry of Education has decided to enter into mediation to seek advice on the way forward for the Basseterre High School.

According to Chief Education Officer Clarice Cotton, mediation was the next step according to the BHS Joint Stakeholders Communication Plan which was adopted by stakeholders in 2014.

Ms. Cotton stated that having arrived at a point where there were sharply opposing points of view on the way forward, the BHS Stakeholders entered the mediation process on Tuesday November 4.

The activity began with a walk through of the Basseterre High School and proceeded to a discussion at the Curriculum Development Unit.

The mediation comes on the heels of conflicting messages being disseminated to the general public regarding the future of Basseterre High School.

Ms Cotton said the Ministry is looking forward to a speedy resolution in the best interest of all concerned.

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