Ministry of National Security poised for changes

Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Sam Condor

St. Kitts, April 03, 2010 (SKNIS): The Ministry of National Security and related agencies will undergo changes as the Deputy Prime Minister, Honourable Sam Condor has declared it will not be “business as usual” in the fight against crime.

“…In fact it will be business unusual,” declared Minister Condor who assumed responsibility for security matters in St. Kitts and Nevis on February 7, 2010. “You cannot get different results by doing things the same way.”

While addressing the Federal Parliament at the recent Budget Debate, Minister Condor informed that he had met extensively with the heads and staff members of various agencies including the Police, Defence Force and Prisons. He stated that he and his team – which included his Permanent Secretary Astona Browne and Special Advisor Dr. Norgen Wilson – found the tour quite useful and is working on reforms to “ensure efficient and effective service to the population.”

Reforms mentioned include repositioning security personnel.

“We have done a study of our available manpower and their placement to date and [we will] chart a redeployment plan,” the Deputy Prime Minister revealed, noting that this was in keeping with suggestions received from the public. “We believe that if we relate and are sensitive to what the public is asking for we will get their full support and cooperation.”

In addition to building the confidence of the public, members of the security forces will undergo advanced training in interpersonal and communication skills as well as collecting and utilizing intelligence in preventing and solving crimes. Acquiring further resources for the law men is also high on the agenda.

Deputy Prime Minister Condor stated that greater emphasis will also be paid to reforming offenders. The construction of the St. Kitts and Nevis Co-ed Juvenile Rehabilitation Center is progressing and the need to provide a more modern and spacious incarceration facility has spurred plans for a new prison.

The Minister of National Security thanked the security forces and his team for their hard work and diligence. He expressed confidence that the continuation of successful strategies, coupled with a more professionalized and equipped force; as well as upcoming projects, including building a new training academy and residential units for the police and defence force would help to reduce the incidences of crime.

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