Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs Et Al | Re: Gender-based Violence-related Death

September 22, 2022: The Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs has been made aware of an unfortunate incident of domestic violence that resulted in the death of an alleged abuser on Saturday, September 17, 2022.

As condolences are extended to the family of the deceased, the Ministry and Government of St. Kitts and Nevis asserts its condemnation of all acts of domestic violence, sexual harassment and abuse. It remains a priority for the Ministry to support victims, survivors and their families who experience abuse of any kind. In the provision of human services, social protection and support for the survivors and victims of domestic violence in St. Kitts and Nevis, the Ministry recognizes the importance of strong legislation to address the reality of abuses experienced by women, children, and older persons in our communities.

As we respect the jurisdiction of the police and court to investigate and adjudicate the recent incident with fairness and compassion, the Ministry acknowledges and advocates for legislative, institutional, and systematic reviews, required to improve the delivery and effectiveness of social protections provided to individuals experiencing violence and abuse.

The Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs et al. and by extension this Government firmly believes that all citizens, regardless of sex, gender, race, status or affiliation, are entitled to live without fear and in safe environments.

In closing, the Ministry encourages anyone in need of information or support regarding situations of domestic violence to contact appropriate services including the Department of Gender Affairs at 765-5492, the Special Victims Unit at 665-3091, the Legal Aid Clinic at 869-467-1572 and the National Counselling Centre at 465-5000.

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