MiyVue.com and ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation team up for Carnival related events

ZIZ News..Dec. 15, 2010 – ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation has teamed up with MiyVue.com to bring two first of kind Carnival related events.

Both the MiyVue.com King Ah De Tents Calypso Competition and the MiyVue.com best Radio and Television Interviews for the 2010/2011 Queen contestants were officially launched on Wednesday morning on ZIZ Radio and Television.

CEO of MiyVue.com Val Henry gave listeners and viewers a synopsis of both competitions and explained the rules governing the two events. Henry said the goal of the King Ah De Tents Competition is to help in the promotion of the art-form of calypso in St. Kitts and Nevis, especially the unique styles and creativity of our witty, funny and entertaining calypsonians and to assist the Queen contestants in gaining the real life experience of a judged interview segment and build their confidence in front of an audience.

Meanwhile Mr. Vere Galloway of ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation said his company is always glad to be associated with positive things in the community and when the idea was brought to him he gladly jumped on board with MiyVue.com to make both events a reality. Galloway also took the opportunity to invite those calypsonians taking part in the MiyVue.com King Ah De Tents Calypso Competition to register for the ZIZ Radio 50th anniversary calypso competition which will give them more exposure way beyond the carnival season.

Carnival Committee Chairman Clement Monarch Ogarro in endorsing the events said the additional activities will help to boost the Carnival spirit and give more exposure to the Queen Contestants and Calypsonians who did not make it to the semi-finals.

Meanwhile Vernon Springer the representative for De House Nitery a popular entertainment spot during Carnival said he was glad for the opportunity to host the King Ah De Tents competition which will provide the perfect atmosphere for such an occasion. Springer also announced that after the Carnival season there will be a number of activities that will take place there throughout the year where calypsonians and other entertainers will get a platform to showcase their talent.

The best radio interview will take place on Friday at 2 PM on ZIZ Radio while the Television interview takes place on Monday December 20 live at the Circus in Basseterre and rebroadcast on ZIZ Television at eight o’clock that same night. The King Ah De Tents calypso competition is scheduled for Thursday December 23 at the De House Nitery at 9 PM.

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