Molyneux Health Centre Visit

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 18th,  2021 (ZIZ News)  Our coverage of the vaccination rollout across St. Kitts continues with a visit to the Molyneux Health Centre.

Merv Ann Thompson filed this report.

The lead community nurse in Molineux, Doris Bradshaw, says she is proud of the number of young persons, opting to get vaccinated in that area.

While there have only been 244 vaccines given since March 3rd, Nurse Bradshaw told ZIZ News on Thursday that the majority has been persons aged 18-40 years.

Nurse Bradshaw said that it is her hope to have as many persons in her area vaccinated ahead of the national June timeline.

She also revealed that she and her team of nurses have been doing walk-throughs in surrounding villages as part of their awareness campaign and have been receiving a favourable response.

Persons who may not be able to visit the health Centre are not left out. She said that they can contact the centre and a home visit would be scheduled, as has been the case with the Grange convalescent home, and in one instance where a patient is disabled.

Nurse Bradshaw urges many to get vaccinated.

Elderly persons have also been vaccinated and are reporting that they feel fine, according to nurse bradshaw, with only one patient having as much as a fever.

…Reporting for ZIZ News, I’m Merv-Ann Thompson.

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