MONEYGRAM Helping to Re-Stock School Libraries

(ZIZ News) – MONEYGRAM and charity organization “Hands across the Sea” are teaming up to give local school libraries a boost.

According to a statement issued on Friday, the organizations plan to rejuvenate 12 primary school libraries across six Caribbean countries including St. Kitts and Nevis.

The aim is to replace the school libraries’ out-of-date books with new, age-appropriate reading material and learning resources.

Delisle Walwyn is the local agent for MONEYGRAM and Business Development Manager Youlouca Armony-Browne said her company is pleased to help the schools foster the love of reading.

“And a lot of the libraries they were basically shells. They didn’t have many books, they didn’t have many tools, and so now the staff and the students are so excited and enthusiastic to have…well the students to see books that relate to them and with lots of pictures and colours so they’re now more interested in reading. The teachers now have more tools to be able to teach and inspire students to learn. So the feeling is great,” Mrs. Armony-Browne stated.

Beach Allen Primary School in St. Kitts received 320 books while the St. James Primary School in Nevis received 360 books.

MONEYGRAM established the MONEYGRAM Foundation in 2012 to inspire minds and improve lives by focusing on helping children around the world gain better access to educational facilities and learning resources.

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