Moon and King of Cali Federation’s Fastest

KingOfCalleReignsSupreme-1Sports Page — Gavin MOON Clarke, entered the grudges 2 Drag racing event with his trusted speed car known as King Of Cali, with his growing reputation at stake.

The combination had recently beaten all and sundry in an exciting match up in Antigua.

However, he knew he would be facing a stiff challenge from persons such as Ray Chiverton and Sherlock.

The meet was held on Sunday 14th December in front of a fair sized crowd and King of Cali did not disappoint.

On the day, King of Cali proved to be the superior car on the track.

Here is a summary of the races held on that day:

First and second place winners for grudges 2 “fast & loud” December 14th

Open class
1st place: king of Cali (Gavin “moon” Clarke) – Nevis
2nd place: Edge (Sherlock Queeley) – St.Kitts

13 seconds class
1st place: Annelise Lebrant – Nevis
2nd place: Julius Bryant – St.Kitts

12 seconds class
1st place: Alexander James – St.Kitts
2nd place: Alexander James

11 seconds class
1st place: Livingston Manners – Nevis
2nd place: Reginald Francis – St.Kitts

10 seconds class:
1st place: Lennie Allen – St.Kitts
2nd place: Ricki Pennyfeather – St.Kitts

CJ Bartlette and the Nevis Drag Racing Unit on Nevis would like to extend thanks to all drivers and owners who participated in the event.

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