More Boundaries work to be done

PMDouglas+NationalFlagB(ZIZ)– Prime Minister the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas says there is more work to be done to equalize the constituencies through the reform of the existing boundaries.

Recently, the Court ruled that the report submitted by the Boundaries Commission could not be used due to incomplete consultations.

The Prime Minister said the government respects the Court’s decision and will abide by its rulings. He noted however, that the Court debunked several of the opposition’s claims about the Commission and the report.

“This country’s political opposition told you that the chairman of the Electoral Boundaries Commission was biased,” he said. “They even took the matter to the court and the Court said they were wrong. There was no bias in the chairman. They also charged that the Commission had used unreliable information in order to arrive at how near equal as possible the constituencies should be. But the Court said they were wrong there as well.”

The Prime Minister said boundary reform is critical to democracy and, as it stands, there is a distinct imbalance between the constituencies.

He gave an example of constituency #5 which contains 2,800 people and constituency #8 which contains 6,800 people.

“To have some candidates campaigning among 2800 inhabitants while other candidates campaign among 6800 inhabitants,” he said. “And how about what about after the election is over? Are we comfortable with one member of parliament meeting the needs of 2800 persons while another member must meet the needs of 6800 persons?”

He said as the constitution and election observers both call for constituency equalization, there is work to be done all across the country.

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