More Commercial Development for St. Peter’s

EugeneHamilton-4(ZIZ News) — Parliamentary Representative for Constituency Eight, Hon. Eugene Hamilton says the Government of National Unity is working toward increasing commercial development in the St. Peter’s area.

He told his constituents, recently, that his vision for the area includes residents becoming more self-sufficient.

“You have to have a place where we promote commercial activity so that everybody doesn’t have to run down town for everything that you want. And that is going to be a focus of this government. In St. Peter’s, we must consider a commercial area where people in St. Peter’s are the business people and the people in St. Peter’s are buying from themselves,” Hamilton explained.

He encouraged the residents to band together and form businesses to generate money for St. Peter’s.

“If a community council is formed here and you say ‘we want 15 acres of land and we’ll build our own supermarket’. And if one thousand people in St. Peter’s decide to invest a thousand dollars each, that’s a million dollars. And if you have the proper organisation, a million dollars can borrow another eight, so, nine million dollars. And you build a supermarket, and you give it the right management… There are people in St. Peter’s who can manage a supermarket,” Hamilton explained.

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