More Stay-Over Yachts As Christophe Harbour Expands

AeneasHollins-1(ZIZ News) – Director of Yachting at Christophe Harbour, Aeneas Hollins said there have been more stay-over yachts as a result of his company’s expansion.

Speaking during Wednesday’s media briefing, Hollins compared the level of yacht traffic at the harbour today to when it opened approximately two years ago.

“Two years ago, people were coming to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis for one night. They were staying at the Four Seasons, they were touring Nevis, they were touring St. Kitts and then they were leaving. Now we have more to offer them and we’re engaging them more, they are staying a little bit longer so we’re seeing an average of about three days now for the larger yachts because they do a whole day in St. Kitts and they do a whole day in Nevis and maybe they come here for one night etcetera so we’re seeing this gradual increase and over time, we expect that to grow more and more and more,” Hollins explained.

Hollins believes that career opportunities are available in the yachting industry. He encouraged locals to capitalise on them.

“The Yachting Task Force is at work with the policy for yachting and at the moment, I think we’re getting ready to engage a strategic plan to have a strategic plan for the nation. The OECS nations are doing a strategic plan for the region as well so the opportunities there to predict all the services that we’re gonna need and at what level and when we’re going to need them. For example, for this season, we knew that we were going to need 10 or 15 services to make season one work but we know we need another 20 for next season.”

“The advice to the youth is, there’s a fantastic opportunity here for growth and educational learning and it’s a wonderful trade to be a part of, an exciting business,” he explained.

Christophe Harbour is located on the South East Peninsula of St. Kitts.

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