Morocco offers 15 scholarships to St. Kitts and Nevis

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, AUGUST 17TH 2011 – The Kingdom of Morocco is offering 15 scholarships to the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis under its bi-lateral cooperation agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the scholarships are for applicants wishing to enroll in public schools and universities of the higher education and vocational training in Morocco, for the academic year 2011/2012.

The following information is for the guidance of interested persons:

Submission of Application files

Candidates interested in this offer should submit their application forms to the competent authorities who are entitled to transit them to the Moroccan International Cooperation Agency (MICA)

The files of the short listed candidates must reach Moroccan International Cooperation Agency, through diplomatic channel, at the latest by August 30th, 2011, considering the fact that courses begin in the first week of September 2011 in some institutions.

Only applications forms sent through diplomatic channels will be considered.

Application forms must include the following documents:

A written application stating, by order of preference, the field of studies and the educational institutions requested, along with the applicants’ contact details (mailing address, phone number, email) which should be clearly indicated;

An application form, to be downloaded from the AMCI’s web-site, and duly completed, and accompanied by the following documents in two copies:

A certified true copy of the baccalaureate (GCE) (high school diploma);

A certified true copy of the baccalaureate transcript

Birth certificate

A copy of the passport

Medical certificate issued by the public health services showing the physical attitude of the applicant and certifying that he is not suffering from any contagious illness or carrying a pandemic;

Two recent passport photographs in colour with reverse name, surname and nationality of the candidate;

Applicants for masters and doctorate degrees must provided, in addition to the above documents, certified copies of diplomas of higher education, grade transcript and continuing education programs as well as a copy of dissertation/ thesis of graduation. The candidate preparing a Ph.D degree must provide thesis project as well.

NB: incomplete files will not be taken into consideration

General admission requirements:

a- Undergraduate studies (Bachelor degree)

The selection for the undergraduate degree is done according to the requirements for the requested training, field of studies and the places available and according to the academic qualifications of the applicants, as presented in application form submitted.

The applicants must be holders of the baccalaureate (high school diploma) during the year 2011 with the following marks of distinction “Very Good,” “Good” or Fairly Good”

The age range requirement is between 19 and 23 years according to the academic establishment sought.

b- Graduate and post graduate studies

The applicants for admission to graduate studies (Master) must be holders of a higher education degree (BAC+3,+4 or +5) in the requested field of studies with results showing the mark of distinction “Very Good” or “Good”

The applicants for admission to post graduate studies (Doctorate) must be holders of graduate degree in the requested field of studies recognized as being equivalent to Moroccan institution granted diplomas and giving access to the educational establishment sought for.

The applicants files that meet the general admission requirements are submitted to the scientific committees of the academic establishment concerned for processing

Candidates for masters or PhD must state the subject and requested the establishment. For this purpose, they should consult the requested establishment. For the purpose, they should consult the website of the department of Higher Education:, and those of Moroccans universities.

NB: in some cases, the final entry in institutions of higher education in Morocco is conditioned by the presentation of a certificate of academic qualification equivalence, (Decree No. 2-01-333 of 21 June 2011) concerning the conditions and procedure for granting equivalency diplomas of higher education.

French is a language for learning in the most training institutions in Morocco, mainly in scientific and technical study programs.

As a result, candidate for these course have to master the French language; otherwise, they will follow one year upgrade in that language at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Rabat for the academic year 2011-2012, after which those who are declared eligible for final examinations training courses will be oriented to the appropriate field of studies according to:

1- their academic qualifications,

2- the set prerequisites and criteria

3- the educational openings available for each field of studies.

French language courses usually start by October of each year.

The applicants who wish to undertake Islamic Studies or Arabic Language and Literature Studies have to master the Arabic language.

The review and selection of the applications

The files submitted and forwarded in due time will be processed by AMIC, with the possible participation of representatives appointed for that purpose by the authorities of the country of origin. The selected applicants will be submitted for processing to the Ministerial Department to which the academic establishment sought is affiliated. The list of selected applicants, and the field of studies assigned to them will be forwarded to the applicants through the diplomatic channels.

Enrolment procedure:

Every selected applicant receive, through the diplomatic channel, a newsletter containing information on the scholarship and training that is proposed and the conditions for final registration and residence in Morocco. This letter will eventually be returned to the AMCI, after it has been duly signed by the applicant.

The presence of the candidate in Morocco means acceptance of the proposal that is made to him. The offer is irrevocable registration. No request for change will be accepted.

Upon his/her arrival in Rabat, the student has to get in touch with the AMIC’s Executive Training Department in order to:

Fill out registration form

Receive his registration authorization and scholarship

NB: it should be noted that training in public institutions of higher education in Morocco is free of tuitions.

Cooperation scholarship:

The AMIC’s scholarship is granted to the students selected, in the framework of the Moroccan official offer and who are regularly enrolled in Moroccan public establishment of higher education and vocational training.

The amount of the training scholarship is of 750 Dirham per month (approximately $88) and is granted for 12 month period per academic year.

The scholarship is paid on a bi-monthly basis and, in advance, at the agency’s headquarters for students residing in Rabat and its area within the designated universities for students residing in the other cities of the Kingdom.

The payment of the scholarship does not imply the payment the support of other fees, such as boarding, transportation or any other expenses inherent in the pursuit of the studies.

The scholarship granted for undergraduate studies usually covers the duration of the study/training program, which is normally 1to 7 years coupled with an additional year called “the year of funding reserve”

Benefitting from scholarship while repeating a year is allowed only once during the entire academic cycle. The tripling of an academic year or the second repeating year will result in the suspension of the scholarship, until the student grantee has passed to the upper class.

The scholarship for master’s degree or graduate studies is granted for two years.

The doctoral scholarship is granted for a period of three years. It can be extended for an extra 24 months, as a maximum, depending on the progress made in the doctoral research.

The conditions governing the award, collection, and use of the scholarship are recorded in booklet, titled: Reglement relative aux bourses de formation et de stage attribuees aux estudiants et stagiarires estrangers” (Regulations bearing on Study and Training Scholarships granted to Foreign Students and Trainees), which will be given to the beneficiaries upon their arrival in Morocco.

Arrival of Students

The agency may ensure, upon request, the reception and the transfer of the new-comer students from the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca or the Rabat sale airport to the city of Rabat. However, they should arrive in groups. Otherwise, they can use other means of transportation (train, bus or taxi).


Foreign students who are regularly enrolled in public establishments of higher education may, on the basis of availability, benefit from on -campus accommodation in return for the payment rent expenses.

Foreign students regularly registered in a public institution of higher education may, on the basis of availability, get a place in university campus, on payment of the rental costs. The maximum statutory term accommodation in the dormitories is 3 years.

Students may, if they wish, make use of privately-owned accommodation which is put for rent.

At the end of the academic year, students who cannot travel to their countries during the summer vacation can stay in residence hall on campuses in Rabat, within the framework of the summer housing program which is organized every year by the AMIC.

Catering Services

Many university campuses have university restaurants that serve meals to students at subsidized rates.

Interested students must apply to the administrations of these Residence Halls to get an access card to restaurants.

Medical coverage

Foreign students benefit, as well as Moroccan Students of health cares offered by hospitals and public health centres, covering the entire territory of Morocco.

The socio-medical service located within the International Residence Halls placed under the overnight of the agency provides the same services to foreign students, particularly those undergoing training in Rabat.

Furthermore, AMCI contributes towards medical expenses by the repayment of amounts committed by the student recipients as much as 50% of the medical bills. The contribution is capped at 1000 Dirham’s (approximately $128) per year.

Moreover, interested students may take out an insurance policy with private insurance companies (medical insurance, life insurance).

Residency requirements

After the completion of the registration and housing formalities, students must have imperatively go to the foreign services of the Surete Nationale (police) in the city of their residence to get a residence permit in Morocco. The residence permit is renewable every year.

General information:

Upon receipt of the pre-registration in Morocco, the applicants are required to accomplish the formalities to obtain the entry visa to Morocco at the Moroccan Embassy accredited in their country.

The applicant selected to enroll in Morocco who does not come to the AMCI in the same set time is considered to have withdrawn the offer that was made to him/her.

The scholarship of the applicant who has withdrawn can establish where he/she is enrolled.

Any unjustified or unauthorized absences lead to the suspension of the scholarship and, in some cases even to the expulsion from the academic establishment he/she is enrolled in.

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