N.H.C. Houses should be okay During Storm

(ZIZ News) — As different government agencies continue to put their hurricane preparedness plans in place for the passage of Hurricane Danny, General Manager at the National Housing Corporation [NHC], Elreter Simpson-Browne, says they have little concern when it comes to possible damages to homes currently under construction.

“Fortunately for us at the N.H.C., most of the projects that we are dealing with right now are between 85 percent to 100 percent completed. So, in terms of the houses being under threat, we are at the stage now where we are just dealing with tiles and painting and stuff like that,” she explained.

Simpson-Browne said one area of concern is the windows used in the construction of the town houses.

“We have three town houses and this is a new for us because the town houses; one town house houses about three to five different units and the windows are made of glass. So what we have decided to do is to really get some boards and have them on the different sites just in case,” she said.

Currently, the National Housing Corporation is constructing homes at Ottley’s Housing Development, Green Acres at Half Way Tree, Pine Gardens and La Guerite.

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